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Expert Window Cleaners are Residential Specialists, trained and equiped to work neatly and safely inside and outside your home. Besides delivering top quality service to our clients, EWC is commited to providing a safe, enjoyable and rewarding life/career to our employees.

A sample of our services include Window Cleaning, Glass Renovation and Renewal, Building Waterproofing and Caulking, Bird-Pest Control and other High-Rise applications such as banner placement and removal.

CEO Brent Weingard is a founding member of The IWCA (International Window Cleaners Association) and served on its Board of Directors. The IWCA is commited to advancing the interests of safety and professionalism of the industry, and in 2001 published The IWCA I-14.1, "Window Cleaning Safety Manual and American National Standard" now used and cited by OSHA.

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